Help Us Provide Immediate Relief And Long Term Solutions To Reduce, Combat, and Prevent Homelessness

Actively Practice Compassion, Collaboration and Community

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Actively Practice Compassion, Collaboration and Community

After being granted parole, Janelle came to HATAS looking for assistance in securing housing.

Janelle was enrolled in our successful Prison Re-entry Program and referred to HATAS' Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP).

This program provided a stable living situation for Janelle, allowing her to move into her own apartment while securing employment at a local grocery store. As part of the program, HATAS was able to provide Janelle with everyday life essentials such as basic housewares, furnishings, and transportation through CDTA bus passes.

The path out of homelessness is not an easy one. Janelle, and many members of our community just like her, faced numerous challenges and hardships throughout her year-long journey.

When she thought of giving up, HATAS was there to provide support and helped her persevere.

She successfully completed our STEHP program and is now daring to imagine a future in a larger apartment, returning to college to complete her education and, most importantly, being reunited with her children.

Janelle is just one of the hundreds of people who come to HATAS in need of help.

Her story is still unfolding as a success, but the stories of all of the people who come through our doors are as numerous and diverse as our community itself. These people are friends, neighbors, and citizens who need our help in overcoming what is often a desperate situation.

The path to breaking the cycle of homelessness is a journey.

We believe that no one should have to take this journey alone. With the support of community members just like you, we have been able to duplicate Janelle's success story for so many of the Capital Region's residents who are in need.

Now, it's your turn.

We need your support to provide the level of wraparound care needed by the majority of people we serve.

Your financial and in-kind support makes this life-changing care possible.

It's that simple. We rely on the support of the community to continue our mission of service and to actively practice our pillars of compassion, collaboration, and community.

For your support you have our gratitude, and the gratitude of each and every one of the people we help dare to imagine a world without the constant struggle of instability and homelessness.

This is an important cause. We help neighbors and strengthen our community. Thank you for keeping us in good company on this journey ahead.