Hungry children in our community need your help.

Give today to create a brighter future tomorrow.

Hungry children in our community need your help. image




Give today to create a brighter future tomorrow.

A child who goes hungry is truly heartbreaking to witness.

Today, in Albany's school system there are children who rely on free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch programs as what could be their only meals of the day. In fact, 70% of district students are eligible for free or reduced-cost meals. For these children, such programs are essential and provide the nourishment growing bodies need to learn and flourish.

What happens over the weekend when there is no school, and therefore, no meal programs?

Children within our community who rely on meal programs while school is in session go without on weekends and that's where the generous support of friends and neighbors comes in.

The HATAS Feed and Read Program provides hungry children with a pack of food and an age-appropriate book every weekend throughout the school year.

It's no secret that success in today's world depends on a quality education, and children who are thinking about their next meal are not participating in class in a meaningful way. Studies have shown that as absenteeism increases, overall student success decreases.

Additionally, children from food-insecure or homeless households suffer from a wide range of challenges that make receiving a quality education even more difficult.

  • Children experiencing homelessness are sick four times more often than other children.
  • They have four times as many respiratory infections, and twice as many ear infections.
  • They have five times more gastrointestinal problems, and are four times more likely to have asthma.

Children experiencing homelessness also go hungry at twice the rate of other children. They have high rates of obesity due to nutritional deficiencies, and they have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems as non-homeless children.

Our goal is to prevent the children we help today from visiting us again in 20 years.

With the generous support of friends and neighbors we have been able to strengthen our community and help build real futures for hungry children in Albany's schools.

For the 2018-19 school year, HATAS provided weekend food packs and books for 639 students. That's 639 hungry bodies and hungry minds that received the nourishment they needed, thanks to support from members of our community just like you.

Make today the day that you make a lasting, positive impact in the life of a hungry child right here in our community. Your support helps growing bodies and minds reach their full potential. Help us in our compassionate mission and together we can break the cycle of homelessness and food insecurity that is holding back Albany's future.